34% of Northern Trains Journeys on time


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I’m sorry to hear of all the cancellations on our rail lines this morning, due to a shortage of drivers. In the last month only a third of Northern trains were on time in South Manchester. Private companies have failed to invest in the driver training and recruitment we need for a reliable rail service.

No wonder the vast majority of people agree we need to take our trains back under government control so they can be run in the national interest.

Many people responded with comments:

None, literally none, of the Northern trains that I have tried to take into Manchester over the past two weeks have *not* been cancelled. Not a single one of them actually ran. Time to ditch Northern Trains. And the alternative trains that did run were often on half capacity (2 -overcrowded - rather than than 4 carriages). My experience of state owned trains elsewhere in Europe is that they run on schedule and they are clean - unlike Northern. State ownership of train services, as part of a planned travel infrastructure, makes huge sense: of course it is better for the wider community if they don’t have to make a profit to pay to shareholders but can instead reinvest in services: no brainer.
Tim Miller
HIgh Peak
It is completely rediculous!! We live in New Mills and for the past two weekends, ALL services to New Mills (Buxton & Sheffield lines) have been cancelled, meaning the closest I could get to home was Stockport, then paying circa £20 in a cab to complete my journey. Absolutely unacceptable!! Not to mention how often we're late for work because of how unreliable the services are. Something needs to change, quickly!!
Amy Lynch
New Mills