Furness Vale: action needed


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Thanks to everyone who joined me and spoke to us in Furness Vale this morning. Traffic, speeding and parking on the A6 are still the biggest issues here, as they were when my older children were at Furness Primary.
The A6 is the responsibility of Derbyshire County Council who have persistently refused to take measures when I’ve asked them to.
Derbyshire Conservatives’ policy of refusing to act on road safety unless there are seven personal injury accidents in three years is one of the reasons I’m standing for County Council. It put austerity before people’s safety and means the Council refuse to act on many of the danger points around our local villages.

Good too to speak to people after school in Furness Vale, but a shame to see the 61a bus from Chapel High School go whizzing through Furness. I’ve asked whether it could stop for the Furness children who have to be driven to school or to the school bus at Whaley.