Labour’s Fair-Tax Calculator


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The Conservatives are claiming people will need to pay more tax under a Labour plans but only the highest 5% of earners will pay more tax, VAT and National Insurance under a Labour government. You can see what Labour’s Tax proposals mean to you by checking Labour’s fair tax calculator:

Ruth George, Labour's Champion for High Peak

“There has never been such a huge difference between the political parties and the future they offer. I want people in High Peak to know that there is a better alternative than a government which is about to close nearly 20 hospitals, cut £3 billion from our schools, plunge over 4 million working families into poverty through their harsh cuts to Universal Credit and refuses to rule out cuts to pension increases or higher tax and national insurance. In contrast, I will promote Labour’s message of long-term investment in public services, fairness for working people, and decent support for pensioners and those who cannot work.”

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