Labour’s Manifesto


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Labour’s manifesto offers real hope that we can transform our country into one that cares for everyone, meets our climate change targets and invests properly in our public services. And all fully costed by fair tax increases for the richest people and for corporations, by a Financial Transactions Tax and closing tax loopholes, as set out in the ‘Grey Book’.

Here’s my Top 20 announcements that will do so much to transform our country and give us all hope for a more prosperous and greener future:

  1. £10 an hour minimum wage and Public Sector Pay catch-up
  2. Reform Universal Credit so it doesn’t trap people in poverty
  3. Free prescriptions, dentistry and hospital car parking
  4. £1.1 billion homelessness reduction funds
  5. Raise NHS spending by 4.3% a year (it’s only been raised by 1.5% recently)
  6. Restore school funding and Free School Meals for every pupil
  7. A £250bn Green Transformation Fund for 1 million green jobs and apprenticeships,greening our energy, improving homes and planting trees
  8. Extending paid maternity leave to 12 months and doubling Paternity Leave and pay
  9. A National Youth Service of youth clubs and youth workers to support young people
  10. Bring back free TV Licences for over 75’s
  11. 5,000 more full-time firefighters
  12. 100,000 Council Homes a year to be built by 2024
  13. Free nursery tuition for all two year olds and raising the rate nurseries are paid
  14. A vehicle scrappage scheme and cheap loans to purchase Electric Vehicles
  15. Super fast broadband free for all households to improve our productivity by £59bn
  16. Raise funding for 16 – 19 year old education to secondary school levels and bring back Education Maintenance Allowances
  17. Free personal care for the elderly
  18. Rail, mail, energy, water and broadband to be controlled and run in the national interest
  19. Restore bus routes that have been cut and allow under 25s to travel for free
  20. Abolish university tuition fees but also give free Lifelong Learning to Level 3 and 4 for people who don’t have those skills