Only Ruth can beat the Conservatives in High Peak


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The most important challenge in this election is to defeat the very hard Brexit and years of further austerity that Boris Johnson is seeking to impose on us, supported by the Conservatives in High Peak.

I thank Guy Kiddey, the Liberal Democrats’ candidate for recognising this and for supporting me as the only candidate who is able to beat the Conservatives in High Peak.

Many Liberal Democrat party members were already supporting me for this reason and for the hard work that I’ve put into supporting High Peak, not just in the last 2 years as an MP but in almost 30 years of living here and campaigning on behalf of local people.

In the past many Labour Party supporters in Hazel Grove agreed to vote Liberal Democrat in return for Liberal Democrat voters in High Peak supporting Labour.

I have advocated that we need an alternative vote system to enable everyone’s vote to count. The Labour Party have committed to a full review of our constitution and if re-elected I will be advocating for both an alternative vote system for the House of Commons and an overhaul of the House of Lords so we have a second chamber elected by Proportional Representation.