Pledge 4: Reduce Emissions by 2030


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A great hustings tonight on the environment and human rights with Amnesty International and Transition Buxton. Great to be able to talk about Labour’s plans for a practical transition to zero emissions whilst protecting people’s homes, transport and livelihoods.

Excellent policies in Labour’s manifesto for:

  • 7,000 new offshore wind turbines and 2,000 onshore
  • A scrappage scheme for polluting vehicles
  • Zero carbon standard for new homes
  • Upgrade most of our 27m homes to the highest energy efficiency
  • Rail nationalisation and huge investment in our network and supporting buses and cycle routes
  • Plant a billion new trees by 2030
  • Change planning rules to prevent building on flood risk areas
  • £4.5 billion for a new waste and recycling infrastructure
  • All part of a £250 billion Green Transformation Fund


I’m very pleased that so many Green Party members and supporters have said they will vote for me as it’s so important to prevent the Conservatives winning and delaying climate action by another 5 years. A green industrial revolution