Protect our walk in centres


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Ruth George said:  “Derbyshire Clinical Commissioning Group are facing further huge cuts of £69.5m this year and a further £200m over the next three years.

“They have told me that all services will have to be reviewed for cost effectiveness and that walk-in centres such as New Mills don’t deliver the best value for money. They have also cut the opening hours of the MinorInjuries Unit and refused to  guarantee the walk-in facility at the new health hub in Buxton. 

”Current plans for the new Buxton health hub show the Minor Injuries Unit space as being very small – possibly just a single room.  This is nowhere near the service we currently have at the former Cottage Hospital.

“Local people are always telling me how much they value both New Mills walk-in centre and the Minor Injuries Unit. As a local resident I’ve used both for my family so I  know how valuable they are.  I want to do all I can to ensure they are protected and the vast majority of local people agree.  

”We’ve seen too many of our health services stripped away from High Peak since 2010, including Corbar birthing centre, Spencer Ward and more than half of beds on Fenton Ward at the Cavendish, the clinic on Fairfield, services at Chapel Health Centre, drop-in baby weighing, breastfeeding support and reduced hours at the MIU.  It’s no wonder people don’t trust the Conservatives with our local NHS services and will be using this election to make sure that Derbyshire NHS gets the funding we need.”