Ruth elected as Derbyshire County Councillor for Whaley Bridge


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Whaley Bridge by-election results

Thank you for all of the kind words about my election as county councillor. I will be very proud to serve the people of Whaley Bridge, Chinley, Furness Vale, Buxworth, Combs, Chapel Milton, Tunstead Milton and part of Chapel where I’ve lived for a long time and know so many of you.

I extend my sympathies to the family of Alison Fox. I’m sure this untimely by-election must have been painful to them. Alison was an excellent councillor on local issues and I’m aware I have big shoes to fill in her support for the community. I will do my best to fill them.

I thank the other candidates for the generally positive nature of their own campaigning (a welcome change from that in the general election) and especially to Lucas Jones and the Green Party of High Peak for their support. I look forward to working with them.

It’s been good to concentrate on the local issues that are so important to people – our care homes, schools, leisure facilities, roads, buses and trains, and flooding. There are just 15 months until the full County Council elections in May 2021 and I will achieve as much as I can on these issues in that time.

I look forward to again representing the people and area that I love and I look forward to working with all our communities and people from all parties to achieve the best we can for everyone.