State Pension Age


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John Mcdonnell State Pension

I fought against the unjust hike to the State Pension Age in 2011 for millions of women and I’m delighted that the Labour Party have committed to right this wrong before the Court appeal. Women born in the 1950’s have waited too long for justice. I see many in my surgeries – women who are over 60, unable to continue in the job they were doing due to ill health or the physical demands of a job like cleaning or stacking shelves – forced to claim Universal Credit and apply for jobs that they don’t feel able to do, or can’t travel to, too often penalised by sanctions and forced into poverty after a life of hard work. Many women of this generation have worked from the age of 15 or 16, brought up children, cared for relatives and grandchildren. The way they’ve been treated wasn’t right.

Labour have committed to payments over 5 years of compensation at a rate of £100 per week of full state pension lost.

Ruth George, Labour's Candidate for Re-election in High Peak

And with life expectancy now starting to fall, especially for people with lower incomes, I’m very pleased that the Labour Party are capping the State Pension Age at 66 to give everyone a chance of a decent retirement.

In the leadership election, Boris Johnson promised to look again at the the case for pension justice for 1950’s women, but has reneged on that.