Statement by High Peak CLP and Ruth George


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High Peak CLP said:

As soon as we were made aware of Nick Longos’ tweets, High Peak CLP and Ruth George reported Mr Longos to the Labour Party and he was immediately suspended pending a full investigation. These tweets are from the summer but Mr Largan chose to only make them public now, during an election.

Mr Largan has now made an allegation of abuse against an unnamed Labour Party activist over three weeks ago which High Peak Labour Party will investigate. However, this may be hampered by the lack of information or evidence produced.

Mr Largan has spent much of his time in High Peak making false and defamatory allegations about Ruth George.

Mr Largan is not from our constituency and since he moved here a few months ago he has repeatedly made allegations against local constituents whose doors he has knocked on.

A number of constituents have complained to us about Mr Largan’s conduct, alleging intimidating behaviour on their doorsteps, and we understand some local residents have reported this to the Police. We trust they will investigate this incident and take appropriate action.”

Ruth George said

“As soon as I was made aware of these tweets I reported Nick Longos to the Labour Party which took immediate action to suspend his membership, I also reported it to the Derbyshire Police who contacted Mr Largan to investigate. I wrote to Mr Largan to tell him I was sorry this abuse had occurred and to inform him what I had done and the actions being taken.”

Ruth George, Labour's Champion for High Peak

“There has never been such a huge difference between the political parties and the future they offer. I want people in High Peak to know that there is a better alternative than a government which is about to close nearly 20 hospitals, cut £3 billion from our schools, plunge over 4 million working families into poverty through their harsh cuts to Universal Credit and refuses to rule out cuts to pension increases or higher tax and national insurance. In contrast, I will promote Labour’s message of long-term investment in public services, fairness for working people, and decent support for pensioners and those who cannot work.”

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