Stop the Conservatives. Vote for Ruth George


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In High Peak, there are only two realistic outcomes on the Thursday – either I will be re-elected or the Conservative candidate will win.

No other party has won in High Peak since the Unionist Party in 1924. In the last two and a half years I have tried to represent and listen to all my constituents and I hope you can trust me again on the 12th of December.

After 9 years of austerity, our public services are struggling to keep up with demand – people in High Peak struggle to get a Doctor’s appointment, class sizes in our schools are growing and Derbyshire Police have lost over 300 officers and even more support staff since 2010. That’s why we need a change.

It cannot be right that despite living in such a rich country so many families in High Peak are forced to use foodbanks. 23% of children living in here are growing up in poverty. If we elect a Labour government we can end foodbank usage and ensure that all families have enough to eat.