Toddbrook Dam


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Toddbrook Dam volunteer Diane Wood wrote to Ruth praising her selfless work during the emergency. This is Diane’s letter:

Hi Ruth

I would just like to express my thanks for the sterling job you did when the reservoir dam was in full on mode. Its taken me a few months to write this and it’s something I’ve never done before.

I volunteered on the first Friday afternoon at the football pavillion. It was opened as a communications centre and for catering. That Friday was very full on and we had to make do with what we had. Ros and Anthony had been to Sainsburys the previous night and came back with a car load of shopping for the personnel working on the field. They worked through Friday night and I arrived back on the field about 5.45am to take over whilst they went home for some much needed sleep.

Whilst we were cooking the bacon and sausages for the workers breakfast you arrived asking if we needed anything. This was a life line for us as our pantry was depleting  quicker than we anticipated. You and I went into the food bank room and made a shopping list. I say shopping list it was more like a shipping order. Not just food but cleaning materials washing up liquids, toilet rolls etc. You said you would try and off you went.

I was about to finish my shift as you were bringing your car with others following you onto the field, all fully loaded. We checked the list off as we unloaded it and God love you, you got every item on the list. I don’t know how you managed it but along with other donations that day we had enough to feed the workmen and other personnel that weekend. You didn’t stop there but returned most days to check if we needed more. As the weekend progressed we were more organised but that first weekend we needed all the help we could get and thanks to you and our other very generous donors we made it through.

Once again many thanks for all your help. It really was appreciated.

Best wishes for the future.

Diane Wood.