My pledges for High Peak


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If I’m re-elected then I will:

1. Conservative cuts: work to reverse the cuts to our police, schools, health and care services.

2. Road Safety: fight for improvements across High Peak

3. Trains: press for accessible stations, and more trains, with enough carriages.

4. Walk-in Centres: protect the New Mills Walk-in Centre and Buxton’s Minor Injuries Unit facility.

5. Buses: fight the proposed cuts to bus subsidies next year and for young people to keep their b-line card discounts.

6. Toddbrook Dam: make sure the dam is rebuilt and local
people fully consulted on the reservoir’s future.

7. Bypass: seek to ensure that the new Fairfield Relief Road can be part of a new Buxton bypass.

8. Poverty: Continue to fight against poverty and support all those who struggle to get by.

9. Brexit: Support a sensible permanent deal for the British
people to see and vote on, with an option to remain in the EU.

10.  Tackle the Climate Crisis with radical but practical
policies for green energy, sustainable transport and warm homes. 

11.  Fracking: continue to advocate a permanent ban.

12.  Continue to be a visible, accessible MP who supports thousands of people with local issues.