Ruth George voting record


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Since Ruth’s election in 2017, she has used her time to best fight for people in High Peak constituency, for the services that have been cut time and time again, as we’ve been fighting against austerity.

Ruth has brought debates in Parliament on East Midlands ambulance services, where we were seeing such long waits for an ambulance. It was really pleasing that we got £20 Million extra pounds a year and waits have reduced.

Ruth brought another debate on the voluntary sector cuts that were being planned for Derbyshire and another on young people’s mental health, because that’s such a key issue all across High Peak and the rest of the country. We’re now seeing a really concerted effort to increase funding in the Glossop end of the constituency.

Ruth asked questions on policing, on special educational needs, on transport, all the issues that effect constituents which they bring up. In these cases it’s a battle to get things done, but in 2 years of representing High Peak there is so much that we have got done and Ruth is really looking forward to being able to come back, speak in many more debates and represent High Peak in Parliament for another term.

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